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After seeing many security operations where a large footprint and overt presence was the norm, a group of quiet, extremely capable, highly trained professionals committed to our nation’s objectives and the protection of some of the most influential businesses and …

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A New Approach

Simple problems do not require complex solutions. Bigger is not better. Louder is not more. Discretion, Professionalism, Quality and Global Experience is. When you call on Anomaly to assess your security needs and design solutions to mitigate them, consider us …

ANOMALY: Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected

Oxford Dictionary

Why Anomaly?

Professionalism. Discretion.

The Difference

We are mindful that there is always an assumption of risk. We are experts in balancing our client’s long-term objectives with their risk appetite, and providing viable actions that are in line with their time horizons.  Our evaluations consider the scale of likelihood and impact, and advise and implement processes to mitigate vulnerabilities.

What We Do

Provide solutions

Insight Drives Decisions

Anomaly provides answers to questions.  Just as importantly Anomaly offers decision makers the ability to ask the right questions. Timely, responsive and accurate, Anomaly Management uses innovative techniques to help you make the right business decisions for your organization.

When you call on Anomaly to gather information or design solutions for your security problems, consider us your safety net. The higher your risk, the wider the net is cast. Custom solutions for discerning clients.

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Anomaly Management has successfully completed projects in most of the world’s major cities and some of its most austere environments.

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